Sinclair Oil at 100: Expanding DINO’s Footprint Across The Nation

sinclair centennial logo
One of America’s – and the oil industry’s – oldest brands turns 100 in May, a cause to celebrate. But Sinclair Oil is focused as intently on the future with ambitious plans to grow by more than 100 percent, making Sinclair, and its famous dinosaur logo, common sights across the nation once again.
Sinclair, based in Salt Lake City, was founded on May 1, 1916, and has sold fuel and oil in the United States as one of the oldest continuous brands in the oil industry. Few companies of any type, and very few oil companies, can make such a claim. But Sinclair is not living in the past. This year, it embarks on an aggressive campaign to expand its reach through additional gas stations around the nation by 2024.
Branded gasoline and other Sinclair fuel and lubricant products are sold today at more than 1,300 stations, mostly in the Central Plains and Rocky Mountain regions. By 2024, Sinclair expects to double the number of Sinclair stations and be operating in most regions of the country. Most growth is expected to take place east of the Mississippi River.
Sinclair is a privately held Wyoming company with executive offices in Salt Lake City and more than 1,200 employees across several states. Sinclair owns and operates two refineries in Wyoming along with a network of both crude oil and finished-product pipelines and terminals in the Rocky Mountain and midcontinent regions. The company markets fuel in 24 states, supplying high-quality fuels to more than 1,300 branded stations, featuring DINOCARE® TOP TIER™ Gasoline. Sinclair Oil and Gas Company manages its exploration and production portfolios by only participating in major oil and gas development projects in the United States. Sinclair also owns and operates The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, the Little America hotel chain, The Westgate Hotel in San Diego, Sun Valley Resort in Idaho, and Snowbasin Resort in Utah. For more information, visit and follow the brand onFacebookTwitter and Instagram.
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