The Sinclair Licensing Program offers all the benefits of one of the world’s most recognized brands – even if you use a different supplier. We have a reputation in the industry for being easy to work with, and there’s a reason for that.

Iconic brand. Fresh, new brand image based on one of the industry’s most iconic symbols, the Sinclair dinosaur.

Affordable. Licenses are surprisingly affordable, and they provide the many benefits of the Sinclair name.

High-quality products and loyalty programs. We use local and national advertising to promote DINOCARE®, our brand of TOP TIER™ gasoline, as well as loyalty-based discount programs for fleets and consumers, such as DINOPAY®, which can help save motorists up to 20¢/gallon, every fillup.

Customer support. Enjoy clear brand standards with easy-to-follow compliance guidelines and an expert team that supports you every step of the way.

Strong brand affinity and customer connection. Customers love DINO, which leads to more volume at the pump, more traffic to your store, increased profitability and increased credibility with dealers and investors.

Sinclair station

*License program available to distributors outside our supply footprint.