Mobile Advantage Account

Sinclair Gift Card

Add the Mobile Advantage payment option through your DINOPAY® wallet to receive discounts on Sinclair gas or snacks at participating locations – without a credit card! Just fill out the information in the app today and start saving!

  • Virtual ACH Account
  • Instant approval
  • Next level security
  • Track all your Sinclair purchases (both at the pump and inside the store)

Instant Savings at the Pump

  • Save an extra $0.10/gallon on your next two fill-ups.
  • Save as we introduce new offers; at the Pump and in the C-Store.

How It Works

  • Application and approval only available through the DINOPAY® app
  • Only applicable at Sinclair stations accepting DINOPAY®

Get Started – Download the DINOPAY® App

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