Sinclair’s Mobile Payment App: DINOPAY®


Did you know Sinclair is funding 10¢ off per gallon when customers use our mobile payment app DINOPAY® to pay for fuel at participating Sinclair locations? The discount and the rise of mobile payment apps as a preferred retail payment method is a great incentive to install DINOPAY® at your site.

A recent study from MarketForce concluded that more than one out of every four consumers now use gas/convenience store apps. The largest demographic increase occurred in the 35-44 age group (12 percent increase over 2018), but growth was measured in all age groups. To date in 2020, DINOPAY® users are spending $3.62 more per transaction compared to traditional swipe transactions.

As COVID-19 has heightened the need to limit contact, mobile pay methods reduce people and surface contact. NO PIN pad or display screen responses are required. Selecting a product and the nozzle handle are the only unavoidable surfaces.

With DINOPAY® your customers can save on every gallon of fuel. All card types receive a 10¢ discount per gallon, funded by Sinclair! If you are participating in the Sinclair Green Card Rollback discount, customers who use their Sinclair Green Card as the payment method in DINOPAY® will receive both discounts instantly. These discounts are a great tool to grow customer loyalty.

What POS Systems are compatible with DINOPAY®?

Customers save on every gallon with DINOPAY
  • Gilbarco Passport
  • Verifone Commander
  • Verifone Ruby Ci
  • Fiscal Systems

How do I receive credit for DINOPAY® transactions?

  • Locations/Distributors receive credit for DINOPAY® discounts in a monthly invoice at the same time as other billing and credits are issued.

DINOPAY® in action

Consumer convenience and safety in not the only benefit of offering DINOPAY® as a payment option. A Sinclair distributor in Kansas has generated impressive results after installing DINOPAY® at their two locations. After promoting the mobile app, Kramer Oil acquired 313 new users and retained 59% of those into 2020. By comparison, the average for all other distributors was 21%. Kramer Oil has the highest count YTD in the Sinclair branded network of transactions using DINOPAY® as method of payment.

We asked Chad Kramer some additional questions regarding his DINOPAY® experience, click hear to read more: More Insights on DINOPAY

Want to learn more about the DINOPAY® App? Click here for more detail and statistics on mobile app usage: Mobilizing Customer Loyalty


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