Building Loyalty Through Customer Experience

Fostering a positive customer experience is about ease of interaction, the purchase process, cleanliness of elements and safety – all of which help build a loyal customer base. Customer values are shifting, and price is no longer the main driver when it comes to purchase decisions. According to a study conducted by EIQ Research Solutions, price is one of the least important factors, especially with younger generations. Customers nowadays are focused on quality, cleanliness service and convenience.

Through our partnership with Ipsos (formally Maritz CX) and the Brand Excellence program, Sinclair is able to evaluate how our brand compares to others in our industry when it comes to some of these important elements. In a study conducted by Maritz CX in 2018, 1,500 participants were asked to rank the importance of certain factors when determining likelihood to return and recommend. Respondents indicated that overall cleanliness of the store and forecourt, appropriate attire and service quality ranked as some of the most important factors. When reviewing how Sinclair is doing in these categories we found one significant opportunity for improvement, having easily identifiable employees.

When comparing our performance to other like brands, Sinclair’s average compliance with the evaluation of nametags/uniforms is more than 16% lower than than next closest competitor. Customers want to be able to easily identify store employees, not just for safety reasons, but also for building relationships. When customers become acquainted and familiar with employees, they are more likely to return to do business. Nametags or logoed apparel is a relatively easy ways to develop that positive customer experience.

While the 2021 Brand Excellence program hasn’t been published yet, there will be updates that support how important easily identifiable employees are to fostering a positive customer experience. The Sinclair Merchandise site offers nametags and other logoed apparel. You need a log in to access wholesale pricing. If you need to order nametags or any apparel, be sure to check out what is available online. The 2021 Brand Excellence program will be published soon and delivered via email and the Postal Service. 




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