Why is it so important?

As a small business owner, you may be asking yourself what all the social media fuss is about. Do you really need to use it? The short answer is yes, your business needs social media - at least it does if you want to reach customers and stay competitive. Most likely, your target market is already using social media, and to reach them you need to be where they are.

By effectively using social media you can increse the odds that your marketing message will reach a significant number of your customers. Even though you may not be using social media, you can be sure your competitors are.

It's a myth that social media only matters for large organizations. It is a valuable marketing tool for small business and it's here to stay. You don't have to be a guru in social media to be successful! Just by creating a social presence for your company and engaging with your customers you can get a leg up on your competition.

Take advantage of opportunities to let your customers know more about your store. Do you have a particular item on sale? Post a photo of it on social media. Maybe you're running a special event? Let them know about it by setting up an event on Facebook. If your dressing up DINO, post it to Instagram It's that simple!               

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