And the Race Is On!

Well hello, fellow adventurers! It’s been a long and eventful week! The Great Race has been a delightful experience. I cannot count the number of new friends I met along the way. I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to partner with Alfred State College’s team. In my rush last week (it’s a busy life on the road) I wasn’t able to post all of my great pictures and adventures.

sinclair dino mechanic 1

We started our prodigious Route 66 adventure by heading from Kirkville, Missouri to Springfield, Missouri. Missouri really is the Show Me State. I saw the world’s largest rocking chair; it might be able to support my big cousin. During the first leg of our trip, I was able to stop and enjoy some of the sites, and even was able to help change the oil on a ’62 Volkswagon Bug and helped another race participant check the hood vents on their ’68 Camaro.

sinclair dino mechanic 2

Day two started with another early morning. I think my fellow race companions forgot that I am a lazy dinosaur; I tend to take things at a much slower pace, but I buckled up and waited anxiously for what the day would bring. There was such a great turnout on this Father’s Day. I was happy to pose for pictures with my adoring fans. We had to make it an early night. The day-three leg from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Amarillo, Texas was quite the long trek. Luckily, when I arrived I was able to sit in Brandon’s junior drag racer. I asked, ever so politely, if I could drive. Brandon didn’t seem enthused. Maybe next year?

sinclair dino mechanic 3

I’ve got more pictures to come, my friends. I am still recovering from this week-long journey!

sinclair dino mechanic 4