EMV Compliance Updates

Did you know the liability for fraud transactions will shift to those who have not upgraded their fuel dispensers to the new standards for EMV? Not only are those sites without EMV at the pump increasing their risk for chargebacks, they are also inviting criminals to come to their site. Non-compliant sites will be targeted for increased fraudulent transactions.​ 

Recently there have been updates to EMV compliance deadlines. However, Sinclair strongly suggests you don't wait too long to start the process of updating your pumps. Sinclair is offering a rebate for the purchase of new dispensers for qualifying/approved locations only. Please consult with your sales representative to learn more. Act now, funds are limited.

  • The existing parameters for the Visa and MasterCard Excessive Fraud Program will remain unchanged during this period of delay. As a reminder, locations exceeding 1.80% fraud threshold on outside sales will lose coverage.
  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover have moved the compliance deadline to April 16, 2021. Read the Visa EMV Announcement


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