Chargeback Coverage

Chargeback exposure

Locations are now responsible for ALL chargebacks related to non-emv compliance. You can limit your exposure to chargebacks by following these three easy steps:

  1. DO NOT accept chip cards that cannot be processed by the chip reader.
  2. NEVER enter card information manually -no coverage is available on manual transactions.
  3. Multiple failed cards by a customer should be a reason to refuse the sale.
  4. DO NOT accept credit card payments for Gift Cards unless customer is known.
  5. Ensure Zip Code Verification (AVS) is activated on your dispensers - This is required by Sinclair to have chargeback coverage.
  6. DO NOT allow "Chip Fallback" when activating outside EMV
  7. Adjust dispensers to pre-authorized crind limits as published in the table below. Settings greater than those listed may result in Bank holds on your customers' accounts.

By not adhering to these best practices, you open up the liability for chargebacks. If you have any questions or need assistance on verifying how to setup AVS or authorization limits, please contact 1-800-524-4799​.


Remember, there is no chargeback protection for NON-EMV, regardless of the limits. For EMV, Pre-Authorization Limits - Any chargebacks exceeding these values or not using AVS will be billed to the location.

Crind Limits as of 10/1/2020 NON EMV Limit EMV Limit AVS ON
Visa $75 $125 YES
Visa Fleet $150 $350  
MasterCard $100 $125 YES
MasterCard Fleet $150 $350  
Discover $100 $125 YES
American Express $100 $125 YES
PIN based Debit $75    
Sinclair Fleet Track: C-Store $150    
Sinclair Fleet Track: Truck Stops $300    
WEX: C-Store $150    
WEX: Truck Stops $300    
Voyager $150    
Fuelman/GasCard: C-Store $300    
Fuelman/GasCard: Truck Stops $600    
Sinclair Proprietary Card $75    
Sinclair Gift Card (SVC) $50    
DINOPAY Mobile Wallet $95    



Photo of handheld credit card machine with customer entering in pin number to keypad

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