Local Group Works to Restore Louisville's Hidden Dinosaur

World Fair

By Sharon Yoo, Reporter

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Louisville Independent Business Alliance encourages the entire city to "Keep Louisville Weird."

There is never a shortage of uniqueness in our city. Among the trove of things that might make you say, 'Huh, that's strange,' while driving through Louisville, there's one thing that might really take your breath away.

At first glance, this one warehouse in the California neighborhood seems like your average warehouse. But take another look, you might spot something prehistoric.

"You gotta think that it's gotta be at least a couple tons," Rocko Jerome said. Jerome is a part of Operation CARLOT. It stands for Community Action Rescue Louisville's Triceratops.

Standing all by her lonesome, in the parking lot of this warehouse, is a fiberglass triceratops in all her cretaceous glory.

"Lottie," Jerome said, putting a hand on her horn, "has a long history."

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