Hello, My Name is DINO

sinclair dino at reception

Can you keep a secret? I hope so! I made the decision last week to embark on a new journey. I no longer am satisfied sitting around our office and greeting visitors. There is a huge world out there for me to explore. My “owners” have kept me busy over the years but have recently granted me permission to set out on a new adventure. Don’t worry … I have plenty of family to take over my responsibilities as the face of Sinclair in my absence.

Next year is my birthday. 100 years young! What better way to celebrate this milestone than to travel the country, visiting landmarks, meeting new people, and inspecting a few stations along the way?

sinclair dino on treadmill

Gearing up for my departure took planning: I had to get in shape. As an apatosaurus, I’m not well-known for being quick and nimble. One only has to read a few history books to know my kind are known for being slow and peaceful! Lucky for me, I had access to a great fitness center to build up my core strength and leg muscles for my upcoming adventures.

Once I felt I had reached my maximum potential, I had to begin the covert portion of my operation. I had to enlist the help of a few trusted souls, people who were privy to my plight and wanted to see me free. It isn’t that I am a prisoner ... I am just so loved that I fear no one will want me to leave knowing I won’t be returning immediately. When I saw the first opportunity to escape, I had to take it.

As I look back one last time at my home, I find myself surprisingly sentimental. All my friends at Sinclair have been good to me, filling my time with fun games and gossip around the water cooler. I look forward to our continued correspondence as I visit different parts of this wonderful land.