The Great Race Begins

As most of you know, I’m a rather old dinosaur and one of my passions is a vintage car! I’ve been around since the early 1900s and have had the pleasure of seeing the evolution of motor vehicles, and the old classics are by far my favorite. Someone must have gotten wind of this fact, and I was invited to join the Alfred State College Great Race Team for the 32nd Great Race!! The Great Race is an annual event that started in the early 80s. Car enthusiasts race their old cars, built in 1972 or earlier, across the country for a cash prize, and for the love of their vehicles!

sinclair dino classic car

The race starts on Saturday, the 20th of June, but I felt it was important to meet the teams first! I hopped on a plane and flew across the country to the great state of New York. Once I arrived, I was greeted by the Alfred State College team and introduced to the 1953 Dodge Power Wagon that they had worked tirelessly to prepare for the race. I may be slightly biased – they did bestow this classic with the name “Sinclair Power Wagon” – but what a beauty!

sinclair dino motoexotica

This year, the race is stretching from Kirkwood, Missouri (just outside of St. Louis) all the way to Santa Monica, California! As soon as the team, the car and I became acquainted, we all headed out for Missouri. The ride was amazing. The team is wonderful and we share a strong passion for classic cars. We had a lot of stops on the trip, but my favorite by far was Lucas Oil Stadium, where the Indianapolis Colts play football! It’s too bad the team was not available. I’d love to show them some of my football prowess.

sinclair dino lucas oil stadium

All the Great Race vehicles have to be inspected prior to the race, and during that time decals are applied to the cars. The team looked to me for some assistance during the inspection. I was honored to be able to help the team out with this! I must say, the car is looking fantastic! The only thing left on today’s schedule is the “'50s” dinner dance, where everyone wears their retro clothing for the evening! I can’t wait! Stay tuned for more on the Great Race!