Dinocare® a Top Tier™ Gasoline – An Interview With Craig Anderson

Fill up with clean

Ever wondered what all the fuss is about Top Tier™ gasoline? We sat down with Craig Anderson, Industrial Sales and Fuels Quality Manager, to learn more about TOP TIER™ and DINOCARE®.                                                                                      

Craig Anderson

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Craig! Before we get into all of the technical speak, can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I’d love to! I’ve been with Sinclair for over 25 years and have over 35 years of experience as a professional engineer with an emphasis on technical manufacturing. In my current role, my main focus is on supplying superior products that meet complex equipment specifications, as well as balancing EPA and state requirements.

Thanks, Craig. Can you tell us, what is TOP TIER™?

It’s a consortium of auto manufacturers or OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) consisting of Audi, BMW, Fiat, General Motors, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Volkswagen. The group was established to create a priority standard for gasoline to address emission standards as well as engine longevity and performance.

Okay, so tell us about TOP TIER™ Gasoline like DINOCARE®, what’s the big deal?

Gasoline that carries the TOP TIER™ name, like DINOCARE®, has been treated with additives that have passed TOP TIER™ performance tests for a number of emission and quality standards. Things like intake valve sticking, fuel injector fouling and intake valve and combustion chamber deposits. The EPA has a Lowest Allowable Concentration (LAC) requirement for all gasoline. DINOCARE® a TOP TIER™ Gasoline contains 2-3 times the additives.

That’s interesting, but let’s talks about the benefits. Why should I put DINOCARE® a TOP TIER™ Gasoline in my tank?

Because it can help your vehicle maintain lower and longer emissions standards. For newer vehicles, DINOCARE® a TOP TIER™ Gasoline helps to keep engines clean and running optimally. For older vehicles, it can increase engine performance and prolong the vehicles life.

So there is a reason why TOP TIER™ detergents in gasoline like DINOCARE® are important?

Yes! In addition to OEMs, AAA conducted research in fuel quality to help consumers better understand the impact of detergent additive packages on engine cleanliness. They found that if motorists are concerned with things like engine performance, fuel economy and emissions, they should select a gasoline that meets TOP TIER™ standards.

So specifically, what did AAA find in their research?

Great question! They found that long-term use of gasoline without an enhanced additive package can lead to reductions in fuel economy of 2-4%, drivability issues and increased emissions. Additionally, in most cases, carbon deposits can be reduced or removed from critical engine components by switching to a gasoline that meets TOP TIER™ standards, like DINOCARE® a TOP TIER™ Gasoline.

So it isn’t about fuel grade as much as the additive?

Right. It’s a misconception that using a higher octane number means better quality. Another misconception is that high-quality gas comes at a high cost. According to AAA, TOP TIER™ fuel does not cost significantly more than non-TOP TIER™ gasoline. The average difference in price over a year was three cents per gallon based on the brands they surveyed.

Thanks, Craig. This was very helpful. It sounds like not all gasoline is created equal! 

You’re right; DINOCARE® a TOP TIER™ Gasoline is the premier standard for gasoline performance. It ensures drivers avoid low quality gasoline, which can leave deposits on critical engine parts and reduce engine performance.

Find out more about TOP TIER™ Gasoline requirements here and read the AAA report here.

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