Sinclair Introduces Elite Diesel

Superior protection for diesel engines.

Introducing Elite Diesel, one of the highest-quality diesel fuels available today – eons ahead of standard #2 diesel fuel. Elite Diesel is ideal for heavy-duty diesel engines with advanced injection and filtration technology, such as Tier 4 Final engines; both on-road and off-road use; and use with biodiesel blends.

Elite Diesel

Optimizes engine life, fuel efficiency and horsepower

  • Clean injection systems and stabilized fuel. Detergents clean the fuel system and prevent the fuel from burning and creating soot for reduced emissions and a longer engine life.
  • Less friction. A lubricity improver reduces metal-on-metal scarring to protect the hardworking parts of your fuel system.
  • Less corrosion. An emulsifier safely separates and removes moisture from fuel systems and remote fuel tanks.
  • Smoother starts. A cetane improver improves cetane by as much as 5 points over the standard #2 ultra-low sulfur diesel.
  • Cold weather protection. Cold flow improvers lower the fuel’s gelling point well below its cloud point – usually equal to or better than a 70/30 blend without an additive. Plus, wax anti-settling technology keeps wax crystals dispersed and suspended for extended cold snaps or shutdown periods.

To learn more? Check out these resources.

Elite Diesel Winterized Product

Elite Diesel Product Sheet

Elite Diesel - Grow your engine efficiency

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