Increase gallons and build customer loyalty with the Sinclair Green Card

Green card savings

The Sinclair Green Card allows retail operators to remain competitive and build loyalty. Sinclair will fund a 5¢ off per gallon of instant rollback savings for participating stations. You can avoid the transaction fees from other major credit cards because when a consumer purchases fuel with the Green Card there are zero fees to you.

The impact of those savings while building loyalty can be demonstrated by a Sinclair distributor with great success in promoting the Green Card. The distributor offers an additional 5¢ - giving Green Card customer a 10¢ discount on ever gallon. In 2019 their locations averaged 24,116 Green Card transactions, by comparison the company average per location was 1,415. As for volume, the Green Card accounted for an average 16% of all their gallons. All other Sinclair locations tallied 3.2% for 2019.

Using the DINOPAY® mobile app for payment provides a one-two punch of additional savings for the customer. DINOPAY® gives your customer 10¢ off per gallon and when the Green Card is the method of payment within the app both discounts are combined for a 15¢ rebate. All locations have the option to self-fund another 5¢ for a total instant savings of 20¢.

Green Card promotional materials and applications are available from the Sinclair Warehouse. Order items by going to


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