Sinclair Green Card

Centennial Green Card

Proprietary Charge Card

Save instantly at the pump when you pay with a Sinclair Green Card, the hassle-free way to organize your fuel costs, accepted at over 1,500 Sinclair locations across the country.

  • Save on every gallon at participating locations
  • Instant savings – no waiting for rebates
  • Use it for any Sinclair purchase
  • Issued and serviced by Sinclair (you never have to deal with a bank or an offshore call center)
  • No revolving line of credit (no interest – you pay your balance in full each month)

Apply or Pay for your Sinclair Green Card

If your Sinclair Green Card is lost or stolen, please call (800) 325-3265.

Download the DINOPAY® App

Pay at the pump with your phone at participating locations.

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Get a Sinclair Gift Card

Great for carpools, college students and DINO collectors.

Sinclair Gift Card

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Looking for a commercial credit card?

Discover Sinclair's Fleet Track Program.

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