Sinclair Oil Launches Second Year Campaign Supporting Folds of Honor

paying freedom forward

Benefiting educational pursuits of military and first responder families

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Sept. 28, 2023 – Sinclair Oil (Sinclair), an HF Sinclair (NYSE:DINO) brand, today announced a second-year initiative supporting Folds of Honor, a nonprofit organization that helps provide educational scholarships to the families of fallen and disabled service members and first responders. This October, participating Sinclair-branded retail locations will donate a portion of the proceeds from every gallon of fuel sold. Additionally, Sinclair will donate $3 for every new DINOPAY® app account for the first 35,000 users. All DINOPAY® users will be given the opportunity to donate their 10 cents per gallon DINOPAY® fuel discount to Folds of Honor during the October campaign. After raising more than $900,000 last year, Sinclair Oil aims to raise $1 million dollars over 31 days, with the support of participating Sinclair-branded retail partners and customers.

“With each fill-up at participating Sinclair-branded retail locations, you can help provide life-changing scholarship opportunities,” said Fergie Theriault, vice president of branded marketing for HF Sinclair. “Through this campaign, we continue to show gratitude by the gallons to the families of service members and first responders.”

According to available data, several states in which Sinclair-branded retail locations or customers are present, rank among the top 10 states for veteran populations, including Idaho, Nevada, Montana and Wyoming. Funds raised through Fueling Folds of Honor will support veteran and first responder families in the communities surrounding participating Sinclair locations. Customers may also choose to donate to the initiative through online donations promoted on Sinclair Oil’s website.

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About Folds of Honor 

Folds of Honor is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides educational scholarships to the spouses and children of military members serving in the United States Armed Forces and to first responders who have fallen or been disabled. Our educational scholarships support private school tuition or tutoring in grades K-12, tuition for college, technical or trade school and post-graduate work, including a master’s degree, doctorate, or professional program. Funds for a second bachelor’s degree or trade/technical program certification are also available. Since its inception in 2007, Folds of Honor has awarded nearly 44,000 scholarships totaling nearly $200 million in all 50 states to military dependents. Among the students served, 41% are minorities. Academic scholarships for first responders’ families were added in 2022. It is rated a four-star charity by Charity Navigator and platinum on GuideStar. It was founded by Lt Col Dan Rooney, the only F-16 fighter pilot (with three combat tours in Iraq) and PGA Professional. For more information or to donate in support of a Folds of Honor scholarship visit