Sinclair Oil Corporation Celebrates 100 Years

sinclair centennial logo

A hundred years after Harry F. Sinclair consolidated the assets from 11 small petroleum companies to form Sinclair Oil Corporation, the company celebrates the employees, customers, distributors, dealers and licensees that have fueled American journeys since 1916.

“Our centennial will be a celebration of the years,” said Ross Matthews, chief executive officer of Sinclair Oil Corporation. “But more importantly, we are celebrating the people and communities that have made Sinclair what it is today: one of the oldest continuous brands in the oil industry. We celebrate the past, but continuously look to the future, combining our time-honored values with tomorrow’s technology to deliver cleaner, more powerful products.”


The celebration began in November 2015 with the return of Sinclair’s giant DINO the Dinosaur balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade after a nearly 40-year absence. Employees participated in parade-related festivities from New York to Salt Lake City and beyond. Some escorted the 72-foot-long balloon, while others enjoyed watch parties from their homes.

Early in 2016, Sinclair Oil received certificates of recognition honoring its 100 years of dedicated service from the Utah State Legislature and the 63rd Legislature of the State of Wyoming.

Additional celebrations in 2016 include:

  • An art contest for children of Sinclair employees during the spring
  • An employee picnic at Snowbasin Resort in Utah in the summer
  • A speakers series for employees sharing the history of Sinclair Oil
  • A distributors’ conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, in August
  • Community-based volunteer events for Sinclair employees to give back in Salt Lake City and in Casper and Sinclair, Wyoming, where the company has significant operations and numbers of employees

The actual 100-year anniversary date is Sunday, May 1, 2016. Sinclair has prepared for this day for several years, beginning with the rebranding of stations nationwide and adding new technology for customers, distributors and licensees, bringing it all together with a newly redesigned website ( launched just in time for the centennial year.

“Big things are happening for Sinclair right now – and we wanted our online experience to reflect what our customers see at our stations and the level of service our distribution partners receive from our employees,” Matthews said. “You’re going to be seeing a lot more of Sinclair and our DINO brand in the future. We’re in 24 states right now and rapidly growing. Our new website will help fuel this growth and reach even more customers.”


While celebrating the past 100 years, Sinclair is firmly focused on building its brand for the next 100 years with additional services and advancements, including:

DINOCARE® TOP TIER ™ Gasoline — introduced in 2014 for today’s more complex engines

Three-dimensional design technology — used to enable engineers to precisely conduct pipe and structure improvements during plant upgrades at its refineries in Casper and Sinclair.

DINOPAY® mobile app — launching this new mobile commerce solution for Sinclair customers at specially equipped stations in 2016

Station branding — upgrading the customer experience at the more than 1,300 Sinclair stations by the end of 2016 with one of the industry’s best signage programs, recently redesigned in honor of the centennial

Expansion — expanding the current base of branded stations located west of the Mississippi River eastward through new distributors and a growing licensee program


Sinclair is a privately held Wyoming company with executive offices in Salt Lake City and more than 1,200 employees across several states. Sinclair owns and operates two refineries in Wyoming along with a network of both crude oil and finished-product pipelines and terminals in the Rocky Mountain and midcontinent regions. The company markets fuel in 24 states, supplying high-quality fuels to more than 1,300 branded stations, featuring DINOCARE® TOP TIER™ Gasoline. Sinclair Oil and Gas Company manages its exploration and production portfolios by only participating in major oil and gas development projects in the United States. Sinclair also owns and operates The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, the Little America hotel chain, The Westgate Hotel in San Diego, Sun Valley Resort in Idaho, and Snowbasin Resort in Utah. For more information, visit and follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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