Macy's Spring 2016 Flower Show

sinclair dino topiary 1

We Joined Macy’s in Herald Square, New York City, on March 20th for their annual Flower Show.  They built a DINO Topiary that was the centerpiece with live succulents around the display. 

sinclair dino topiary 2

Macy’s invited 300 children as each were encouraged to search for fossils within the live materials.  Macy’s used oversized plants and flowers to create a pre-historic feel. 

sinclair dino 1

DINO was there and actually danced with kids on a small stage to encourage participation from the audience. 

sinclair dino plushes

DINO was a huge hit and so were the plush DINO's that were handed out to the kids.

sinclair dino 2

DINO is just so excited to float around the Macy's Thanksving Day Parade this year. Stay tuned all year and don't forget to watch him in the parade!

sinclair dino topiary 3