Dressing Up DINO

How many of you have seen a dressed up DINO? Here at Sinclair Oil, we encourage stations to have fun with him each holiday by putting a costume on him. South Jordan, Utah resident Sarah Hepworth, has taken this matter into her own hands and has become the SoJo DINO dresser. This all sparked her interest back in September 2017 when DINO had a cone on his head. Since then she has taken over and dressed DINO up as many things. "I have every color of duct tape you can imagine. Plastic bags. Plastic drop cloths. Wire hangers. I use lots, so yeah, don’t get rid of your wire hangers — give them to me." Read more here and watch KSL interview the SoJo DINO Dresser.


DINO statue at station

Sarah Hepworth, DINO Dresser (Left) and Caitlin Burchill, KSL (right)


Each year around Halloween, Sinclair Oil has a costume contest and encourages stations to put a costume on DINO and submit their picture. From there, social media followers vote on their favorite costume. Top 3 DINO's receive a plaque to hang at the station. Sinclair Oil has been discussing more costume contests throughout the year so stay tuned!


Be on the lookout for dressed up DINO's! If you see one, tag us on social media (@SinclairOilCorp) or use #SinclairDINO. Interested in becoming a DINO dresser yourself? Head to your local Sinclair station and ask!


Sarah Hepworth (left) and Cady Borchers (right)

Sarah Hepworth, SoJo DINO Dresser (left) and Cady Borchers, Sinclair Oil Social Media team (right)