Sinclair has more than 1,400 stations across 28 states. Find the one closest to you with this location finder.

Sinclair offers our distributors a competitive branding program, an affordable credit card network and more. Even if you are outside our fuel distribution area, you can take advantage of our programs and iconic branding as a licensee. Learn more and contact a representative.

TOP TIER™ gasoline is detergent fuel that meets high detergency standards agreed upon by the world’s top automakers, from Honda and Toyota to BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Those standards are over 2X higher than the minimum requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1995, ensuring optimal engine performance and minimal emissions. All Sinclair gasoline is TOP TIER™ gasoline – we call ours DINOCARE®.

Sinclair sources almost all of its crude oil right here in the United States, and refines it in our two Wyoming refineries.

Dino is pronounced “Dye-no,” not “Deeno.” It is the official name of our iconic green dinosaur. Learn more.

Dino was called a Brontosaurus when he was first used in Sinclair advertising. So why do we call him an Apatosaurus now? Dinosaur fossils are rare, which makes it difficult to classify them. A skeleton discovered in 1877 was named an Apatosaurus; a second skeleton, discovered in 1879, was named a Brontosaurus. But since 1903, paleontologists have had conflicting opinions about whether the two are really different, or whether the second skeleton was just another Apatosaurus. Sinclair follows the prevailing opinions of the scientific community, which currently favors calling Dino an Apatosaurus – though new research may eventually change that. Learn more.

Sinclair Oil Corporation was founded by Harry Ford Sinclair. After failing as a pharmacist, he got into the oil business, where his head for the industry and his penchant for risk-taking led him to become the richest man in Kansas within five years. On May 1, 1916, he assembled bits and pieces of depressed properties, five small but profitable refineries and many untested production leases to establish the Sinclair Oil & Refining Corporation, headquartered in New York. Sinclair retired as president in 1949 and died in 1956. Learn more.

Sinclair Oil Corporation is owned by the Holding family. Earl Holding was born in 1926 and grew up in the thick of the Great Depression, learning about efficiency and hard work early on. After serving in the Army Air Corps and graduating from the University of Utah, he married his wife Carol. Together, they ran an orchard, then a chain of rest stops called Little America. In 1968, they acquired a closed oil refinery in Casper, Wyoming, and finally purchased the assets of Sinclair Oil Corporation from the Pan American Sulfur Company in 1972, moving the executive offices from Denver, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1982. Earl Holding died in 2013, but the company is still owned and operated by his family, including his wife, Carol. Learn more.