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Dino could be found almost everywhere by the 1950's—even t-shirtsEvolution of the Company Symbol

Dino Becomes Big Star of Ads, Publicity and Public Identification
One of the first animated Dino adsThe dinosaur was such an instant hit with the public that in 1932 the Sinclair companies registered the apatosaurus (brontosaurus) as a trademark. By now P. G. Alen, creator of life-like papier-mâché animals for motion pictures, was building a gigantic exhibit for the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago. The authenticity of this display led to the first company-sponsored geological materials for schools, libraries and home study. These have been distributed by hundreds of thousands. To give academic stature to its promotions, Sinclair financed for several years the dinosaur-fossil search expeditions of Dr. Barnum Brown,Mount Holly, New Jersey, 1961, when gasoline was named Dino then curator of fossil reptiles at the American Museum of Natural History. On Doctor Brown's death in January, 1963, Sinclair turned for scientific assistance to Dr. John H. Ostrom of Yale University's Peabody Museum of Natural History. He completed Doctor Brown's work as consultant on the Paleontology exhibit at New York A beach toy made from petrochemicals—first made in 1963World's Fair in 1964.

Perhaps the Sinclair Refining Company's most successful single promotion was the issuance in 1935 of a dinosaur stamp album which could be filled only with colored dinosaur stamps issued Nearly 10 million visitors jammed Sinclair's New York 1964 to 1965 World's Fair pavilion; the star was Dino, who towered over a scientifically-accurate re-enactment of earth life during Mesozoic ageone at a time weekly at service stations. The first printing of albums was distributed through dealers within 48 hours after a single network radio broadcast of the Big Publicity fanfare accompanied nine life-sized fiberglass dinosaurs, barged 125 miles down the Hudson River to site of New York World's Fair in 1963. Here they are at the tip of Manhattanoffer. The final totals were 4 million albums and 48 million stamps. During this period, company sales increased substantially.

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