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Union Petroleum brought Sinclair highest quality line of greasesSuccess Story

Union's Westwego stills were modern for their dayAnother Big Purchase
Simultaneously with creation of his new enterprise, Sinclair quietly bought control of facilities for an invasion of the east coast and Europe. In acquiring Union Petroleum Company, Sinclair sought only the concern's real estate at Marcus Hook, on the Delaware The Wellsville stills, though antiquated, produced unsurpassed lubricating oilsRiver near Philadelphia. This location, already a big tank farm and ocean terminal, was an ideal site for a Sinclair east coast refinery.

As usual with Sinclair's bargains, he gainedMarcus Hook, Pennsylvania in 1925, after first Sinclair construction there much more than he sought, Union had Louisiana oil production with a small refinery at Westwego, an aged but important refinery at Wellsville, New York, four European sales offices, 400 railway tank cars and an excellent management and operating personnel.

All these assets harmonized with a master plan for all his properties which Mr. Sinclair would reveal in September, 1919.

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