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Take to the highway in twenty-two states in the West and Midwest and you'll discover stations and convenience stores proudly displaying the Sinclair Dinosaur, sure sign of the finest petroleum products.

Sinclair products are refined to the industry's highest standards.Sinclair Station
Sinclair operates two of the most up-to-date refineries in western America, supplying customers the highest quality Sinclair gasolines, diesel fuel and jet fuel. The Sinclair Refinery near Rawlins, Wyoming, is one of the West's longest-running industrial plants, yet Sinclair has made it one of the most modern refineries in the Rockies, producing 60,000 barrels of petroleum products per day. Sinclair's Little America Refinery in Casper, Wyoming, refines 20,000 barrels of petroleum products per day.

Over 1,000 miles of pipeline are operated by Sinclair in the Rocky Mountains, moving crude oil to Sinclair refineries and finished product to our marketing terminals.

A history driven with confidence.
Sinclair Oil Corporation has been helping western America drive with confidence for over 90 years. Formed from the assets of eleven small petroleum companies in 1916, Sinclair is one of the oldest continuous names in the oil business. The first corporate emblem, SINCO, was registered November 1, 1916.

Sinclair began development of the apatosaurus (brontosaurus) in its advertising, sales promotions, and product labels in 1930. The apatosaurus was registered as a Sinclair trademark in 1932. An exhibit at the 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair highlighted dinosaurs and established Sinclair as the company that featured the apatosaurus. Again in 1964 at the New York City Worlds Fair, Sinclair proudly displayed an exhibit featuring nine life-sized dinosaurs highlighting its unique association with the age of the dinosaur—an age representative of the beginning of the formation of crude oil.Sinclair's Trademark Logo

The current Sinclair trademark is one of the most recognized company emblems in the United States. The pentagon border and apatosaurus figure was registered in 1959.

Most oil companies have modified their corporate emblem while undergoing reorganization or ownership changes. Sinclair's trademark has remained unchanged. With the current popularity of dinosaurs in general, the Sinclair trademark and the sales promotion items using the apatosaurus are more popular than ever.

Sinclair Gasoline with SG-2000 Detergent Additive.
All Sinclair gasolines are fortified with SG-2000, the latest clean-up and keep-clean gasoline additive. SG-2000 prevents intake valve deposits, keeps fuel injectors and carburetors clean, helps control exhaust emissions and protects against corrosion. Using the BMW test procedure, the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas has proven that Sinclair gasolines meet the Unlimited Mileage Criteria.

Sinclair Station PumpSinclair Truck Stops Feature Sinclair Premium Diesel.
Sinclair Premium Diesel is specially formulated to increase engine performance while lowering maintenance costs. This high cetane fuel has been shown to increase fuel economy in a four million mile fleet test. The test also showed that Sinclair Premium Diesel protects against corrosion and sludge formation as it increases power and reduces smoke.

Sinclair Motor Oil is Supreme.
Sinclair Supreme Motor Oil is refined to protect engines operating at high temperatures and under heavy loads. Sinclair Supreme provides extra protection against harmful engine deposits to help control piston ring, bearing and valve train wear. Sinclair Supreme Motor Oil assures excellent low temperature starting and maximum protection against rust.

Sinclair Delivers for Jobbers.
Independent distributors and marketing chains comprise Sinclair's growing marketing organization. Sinclair is helping deliver satisfied customers with a comprehensive Jobber Package that is expanding across the West. We make it easy for jobbers and customers with an innovative "no charge" credit card. Our convenience store operations and experience are helping jobbers create more modern convenience stores.Sinclair Station Signage

Sinclair delivers one of the industry's best signage programs, which includes a bright, bold graphics package that makes stations stand out. Sinclair is on the move with an expansion program that's converting existing stations of other brands to Sinclair, and building new Sinclair stations in areas of expanding populations.

Confidence is driving with Sinclair.

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